Le Brasserie Noir

Le Brasserie Noir

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Are you afraid of the dark? Will a room without light inspire fear? Neither do we, but we still believe that the lights of the house create a pleasant atmosphere.

Made of hard plywood, with a beautifully detailed oak roof and a heavy base of oiled solid oak, the house creates a pleasant atmosphere.

Because it is a product made from the pleasure of creating, we pay attention to details and wallpaper the inside of each box by hand, with delicate rice paper, which creates a pleasant diffused light.

Illuminated with a string of LED bulbs, it is powered by batteries so you can position the box anywhere without depending on the wires. We included the batteries in the package, because we all experienced the frustration of buying a product without batteries included

  • The product is not suitable for outdoor use

    It is not made to withstand outdoor weather

    The product is flammable, it is forbidden to use open fire around it