Miniature Houses

Little Oak Homes

A little light in your home

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The Black Townhouse

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The White Townhouse

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Le Brasserie Noir

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Le Brasserie Blanc

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The Old black Inn

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The Old White Inn

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Little Oak Homes

A little light in your home

Our renovation projects have taken us to wonderful places. We remade 100-year-old window models of all shapes and colors. We fell in love with their complexity and diversity, and the little details that make them so beautiful.

So we came with the inspiration to make houses for the little ones and I ended up making models for the adults.

And if the windows are made of oak, we thought of bringing the beauty of oak in the houses, so we made the roof out of beautifully detailed oak and combined it precisely with the help of a ridge designed and printed in 3D by us.

For the base we used an oak block oiled and sanded by skilful  hands to highlight the fiber

And because light is the soul of a house, we put rice paper inside them to diffuse the light in a pleasant way and to give an extra dimension to the product

We hope you enjoy our models at least as much as we enjoyed making them

Christmas Houses